Beyondsoft Wins Datacenter Dynamics U.S and Canada Awards For Toyota Cloud Migrations and Securities Work.

This week, Datacenter Dynamics awarded Beyondsoft Consulting North America their Cloud Journey of the Year Award on behalf of Toyota’s Cloud Transformation case study. This award, which honors the achievements of companies and individuals across the data center industry, solidifies Beyondsoft as a key partner in cloud services, as well as data center management and security.

As the IoT, Smart Cities, Big Data and Clouds drive the data industry forward, the data center stack keeps on getting more complicated. Over the past three years, Beyondsoft has provided managed services for Toyota for both Azure and AWS Cloud. Beyondsoft has provided managed services for about 200 EC2 instances on the AWS Cloud. These EC2 instances support microsites for multiple business teams within the enterprise. These are all independent sites managed through Beyondsoft’s managed-services team. The team has been able to manage such a large number of independent instances through automation and applying DevOps principles.

Based on this success and Beyondsoft team capabilities as well as benefits provided by AWS cloud around flexibility, agility, fine tune security controls and cost savings, Toyota selected Beyondsoft to participate in their cloud journey –– making Beyondsoft responsible for migration of the key core end user web applications for this critical site and many of its supporting services to AWS along with the authentication service being migrated to Azure.

“Beyondsoft’s AWS/Azure has been a best of breed implementation,” Ezhilarasan “Ez” Natarajan, Vice President and Head of the Cloud Services Business Unit. “Azure allows us to conform to the client’s identity management standard, allows for seamless SSO options with all the current client applications and integrates well with AWS to boot.”

In just eight months, the programs developed by Beyondsoft on behalf of Toyota has resulted in a operational savings of $690,000 per year, reduced new users accounts opening from seven days to two hours, reduced new user app provisions from three days to 12 hours, as well as increased overall efficiency by 400%, thus equaling over $1 million per year in savings.

As George Rockett, DatacenterDynamics CEO, commented at the event: “In our ever changing and vital industry, innovation and future thinking is not just necessary – it is integral to how data centers shape the strategies behind our increasingly connected world. Our Winners not only display an incredibly deep understanding about how to exploit the technologies of today, but also a thirst to discover ‘what’s next’. This is the hallmark of a thriving and exciting industry. The DCD Awards are very proud of our winners and we wish you every success for the future.”

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