Karen McFarland

Karen joined Beyondsoft as an Analytics Consultant in June of 2016 and is currently a Team Lead with Beyondsoft. She has experience developing BI solutions in a wide variety of business contexts using the full stack of Microsoft BI tools and also specializes in other areas using tools such as R, Python and geo-spatial technologies. Contact Karen at karen.mcfarland@us.beyondsoft.com.

03 Apr 2017

Self-Service ETL

Self-Service ETL with Power BI   Recently, I’ve been using Microsoft’s Power BI heavily and am impressed with this solution as an end-to-end self-service business intelligence (BI) option. In addition, I’ve really come to appreciate the possibilities that self-service BI offers.   What is Self-Service BI? Gartner defines self-service BI as “end users designing and […]