1Strategy, a Beyondsoft joint venture, recently announced it was selected as one of the initial consulting partners to help onboard enterprise customers, migrate applications, and integrate service with existing ITSMs and processes.


To be included, 1Strategy received service-specific training and simulated an end-to-end on-boarding engagement that would be experienced by a customer. Upon completion of on-boarding, 1Strategy was able to demonstrate its ability to migrate customer workloads using our proven ability to enable customers to launch, operate, innovate, optimize, and reduce costs on AWS.


Read the full 1Strategy blog post.


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Karen Siuda

Karen is the Senior Marketing Manager at Beyondsoft and 1Strategy. Karen has more than 15 years experience developing and executing marketing and PR programs for B2B tech companies. Karen has worked in house and as a consultant to large multinational companies and small startups. Karen can be reached at karen.siuda@us.beyondsoft.com

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